Benefits of Massage

imageThe effects of Therapeutic Massage on the body are greatly rewarding.
The human body is taxed in so many ways each and everyday and it is known that regular exercise helps the body maintain and improve itself.
But just like regular exercise, massage will aid in the recovery and enhance the overall well-being of the body. 
The muscles are what most people think of when thinking of benefits.  This is true but far from the only benefits. 

The Skin-                 Improves tone and elasticity
                                Improves skin nourishment
                                Helps glandular functions

Circulatory System- Improves oxygen capacity of blood 10-15%
                                Improves cell nutrition
                                Decrease blood pressure

Muscular System-    Relieves tension and stiffness
                                Increase flexibility and range of motion
                                Relax and stimulate fibers
                                Reduces fibrosis and adhesions in fibers
                                Relieves tight and sore muscles

Lymphatic System-  Flushes out toxins and metabolic waste
                                Increases circulation

Nervous System-     Stimulates nerves
                                Release of endorphins
                                Promotes a state of well-being

Skelatal System-     Assist in proper body alignment
                               Relieves stiff joints 

And of course Massage feels good!